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What Cheese Are You?

Get ready for this year's International Cheese awards in Nantwich by finding out what cheese you are. (We know you've always wanted to know)


1/Someone calls you a ‘smelly wimp’, do you…

A.     Give them a wedgie

B.     Tell them it’s a ‘personal life choice’

C.     Walk away from the situation

D.    Tell them to relax and enjoy the party

E.     Tell them to go and sit on the naughty step

F.     Agree, apologise, go home and cry


2/How often do you bath or shower?

A.     “All the time, what are you implying?”

B.      “What is ‘bathorshowa’?”

C.     Daily

D.    “I like a nice bath”

E.     “Whenever I’m at the gym”

F.     Most days


3/Your friends invite you to a party, you…

A.     Already know about it

B.     “What friends?”

C.     “When, Where, Who?”

D.    “Will there be good looking people there?”

E.     “I’ll be getting an early night, thanks for the invite though!”

F.     “I’ll have to ask my mum”


4/The person you fancy starts talking to you…

A.     Compliment them on their shoes

B.     Oh wait no, sorry, they were talking to the person behind you

C.     Play it cool, see how it goes…

D.    “Oh lala!”

E.     Flutter your eye lashes

F.     Melt


5/Your ideal night involves…

A.     Watching the game

B.     Staying in and feeling sorry for yourself

C.     Seeing your friends

D.    A romantic meal, a stroll on the beach…

E.     Home cooked meal curled up in front of the telly

F.     Watching a chick flick


6/You see a person on the street you haven’t seen in a while you…

A.     Give them a strong handshake. “How’s it going? You look well…”

B.     Avoid eye contact, “They probably don’t want to speak to me”

C.     Give them a wave

D.    Give them a wink and say “Hi!”

E.     Ask how they’ve 'been'

F.     A quick "Hi" but you’re already talking to a friend on the phone


7/Your favourite food is…

A.     Italian

B.     Don’t know

C.     Toast

D.    Anything candlelit

E.     Salad

F.     Pizza, duh!





Mostly A’s…


A strong personality, you are one tough cookie and aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself. You are a social chameleon capable of getting on with a wide range of people due to your versatility and ability to compliment others!


Mostly B’s…

Blue Stilton:

Although you are popular within your small group of friends, you often feel blue. Sometimes, people are put off by your apparent poor personal hygiene and appearance but once they get to know you, your strong personality and resilience shines through!


Mostly C’s…


A well balanced personality; you are not too hard and not too soft, not too strong and not too bland, you are popular with everyone around you. You are adaptable and people like to see you at any time of day!


Mostly D’s…


Your confidence makes people think that you’re cocky, but your tough exterior hides a softer side; you are a smooth romantic, once someone likes you, they love you. A strong personality with a bite!


Mostly E’s

Cottage Cheese:

A wholesome individual; you are a natural homemaker. You care deeply about your family and friends. Your health is important to you, although you aren’t a health freak. You can come across as wet because you dislike conflict but this is has made you excellent at resolving disputes!


Mostly F’s…


You are a big softy and try to avoid conflict but this makes you a great friend with good communication skills. A popular person, you are the glue that holds your friends together. You melt hearts.